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Splitter: A split-testing plugin for WordPress

I built a new little WordPress plugin called Splitter, and I’m using it to run A/B tests on Truth (plus lies). Its purpose is to show different users slightly different page layouts and report back to Google Analytics who was looking at what. It works by randomly setting a cookie for new visitors and then […]
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More on server-side image resizing

This is a follow-up about my modest plugin to use Timthumb to grab dynamically resized images for WordPress. When we last checked in, my plugin called “ImgSize” was triggered whenever a thumbnail image was requested, and it provided a Timthumb-resized version. Shortly after this, I added the functionality to the plugin to do the same […]
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Server-side Image Resizing

Over at my blog for random images and news Truth (plus lies), I made a change not so long ago after realizing what’s probably true for most blogs these days — that the home page is not the front page. In other words, most visitors don’t come to a site through the home page. Far […]
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HTML5 Music Players

With the success of the iPad and the continued success of the iPhone (and also the sneaking suspicion that flash is over-used), I’ve been on the hunt for a new in-browser music player for my music web site Act Dead. Right now, it uses the del.icio.us mp3 player plugin for WordPress. The nice thing about […]
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