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Box2DJS Platformer

Here’s an experiment I’ve been working on: it’s a platformer demo made in JavaScript. It uses the Box2DJS physics engine, and it’s iOS compatible. It’s meant to become a version of a Macromedia Director game I made long ago (and can’t seem to find a copy of) called “Guy”, which was played with a mouse. […]
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Introducing Shop Shark

The first project I’d like to write about on this blog is my foray into iPhone-friendly web apps. It’s called Shop Shark, and it is a shopping list app. The concept is that it will let you easily add items that you need to shop for at the moment you realize you need them, and […]
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The Softest Werewolf

Oh hey! Welcome to my development blog. My name is Jeff Fal, and I’m an Information Architect and Front-End Developer working in Denver. I’ve got some web application projects I’m working on in my free time, and I’ll be documenting a lot of that work here. THAT IS ALL.
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