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Box2DJS Platformer

Here’s an experiment I’ve been working on: it’s a platformer demo made in JavaScript. It uses the Box2DJS physics engine, and it’s iOS compatible. It’s meant to become a version of a Macromedia Director game I made long ago (and can’t seem to find a copy of) called “Guy”, which was played with a mouse. […]
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HTML5 Music Players

With the success of the iPad and the continued success of the iPhone (and also the sneaking suspicion that flash is over-used), I’ve been on the hunt for a new in-browser music player for my music web site Act Dead. Right now, it uses the del.icio.us mp3 player plugin for WordPress. The nice thing about […]
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The Wired iPad App

Apparently, the new Wired Magazine iPad application is 500 megs because every visual element is just an image. That is, all the text, the animation, even the progress bars for the audio files are images or a series of images. Interface Lab is right to ask why they didn’t build this with HTML5?
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