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Poser Wireframes

Some simple sketches for an app idea. I like to draw on my iPad, and I’ve felt the need for a poseable figure — like those wooden ones that artists use for reference. Then it occurred to me that you could probably make a pretty cool iPhone app to be a virtual poseable figure. And […]
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Shop Shark 1.0 Wireframes

Here are some wireframes I made to envision the Shopping Trip functionality I want to be in Shop Shark 1.0. The two main changes from today’s interface are that a) there will be a list of stores to visit in addition to a list of items to buy and b) when adding a store or […]
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The Softest Werewolf

Oh hey! Welcome to my development blog. My name is Jeff Fal, and I’m an Information Architect and Front-End Developer working in Denver. I’ve got some web application projects I’m working on in my free time, and I’ll be documenting a lot of that work here. THAT IS ALL.
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