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Very special rooms

Here are a bunch of diagrams of special rooms that will go in the dungeons of Dungeonism. The blocks represent — in order of appearance top left-to-bottom right — walls, breakable blocks, bad guys, movable blocks, bombs, pressure plates, coins, remotely-activated moving blocks, gates, holes, and switches.
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Terrible design concepts

My functioning Dungeonism app still exists in the world of placeholder graphics, but I have been working to home in on the design direction I want to take once the gameplay’s ready to go. To that end, I’ve got a small pool of concepts I’m playing with. My process is to every once in a […]
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More About iPhone Web Apps — Now With Startup Screens

Six Revisions has a great new article about building native-app-like web apps for the iPhone. Most of the information was familiar to me from prior research, but I did learn a very cool new thing. You can define a startup screen for your web application. This is huge because it mitigates the sluggish feeling you […]
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Randomness & Cleverness

Here’s a fascinating article from Underware about designing a font to look handmade. It includes a lot of information about choosing when to use different glyphs.
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Exit Signs

There’s a great article in Slate about the two standard exit signs of the world. In one corner is the big red “EXIT”, and in the other is the green running man. As a general rule, I love pictograms, so I’m inclined to take the running man’s side. But there’s something very convincing about this […]
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The Softest Werewolf

Oh hey! Welcome to my development blog. My name is Jeff Fal, and I’m an Information Architect and Front-End Developer working in Denver. I’ve got some web application projects I’m working on in my free time, and I’ll be documenting a lot of that work here. THAT IS ALL.
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