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Columns with the Same Height

If the people always want one thing, it’s columns that are the same height. Am I right, people? It’s one of those annoying things that are really easy with table-based layout, but weirdly tricky when using proper CSS methods. In my time, I’ve made plenty of faux columns (columns that aren’t even but are in […]
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HTML/CSS Development Tools

Here are a couple or 3 tools for HTML & CSS that I’ve recently found useful: ColorTools.net — A selection of simple, no-nonsense web tools for selecting colors. I was brought there by the “Combine Color” tool which just mixes two colors together and gives you the hex value for the result. HTML Formatter — […]
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Background Position in Firefox: In Which Some Developers are Jerks

I was disappointed to discover that Firefox doesn’t support the CSS rules background-position-x and background-position-y. This is going to force me to write many more lines of CSS than I’d like to. The silver lining is that this issue treated me to the comments section of a Comma Dot post wherein commenter after commenter fails […]
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