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Shop Shark 0.6

Finally got version 0.6 done for Shop Shark. In this installment, I’ve added the ability to keep a list of stores as well as a list of items. It’s actually not too big a deal — the store list behaves just like the item list does, and there’s no interactivity between the two. YET. The […]
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Shop Shark 1.0 Wireframes

Here are some wireframes I made to envision the Shopping Trip functionality I want to be in Shop Shark 1.0. The two main changes from today’s interface are that a) there will be a list of stores to visit in addition to a list of items to buy and b) when adding a store or […]
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Mouse Events and Touch Events, Mouse Enter

I ran into a little snag with my last batch of Shop Shark changes. If you try the application in your computer’s browser, using a mouse, you can select multiple items by holding your mouse button down in the checkbox of one item and dragging through the checkboxes of other items. It works just like […]
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Shop Shark 0.5

I’ve updated Shop Shark to version 0.5. It is now much prettier than it was before, incorporating a new palette: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Purple. No new functionality, but the slickness quotient should’ve gotten a big bump. The user-friendliness may have taken a slight step back, however, as I’ve replaced the text labels on the […]
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More About iPhone Web Apps — Now With Startup Screens

Six Revisions has a great new article about building native-app-like web apps for the iPhone. Most of the information was familiar to me from prior research, but I did learn a very cool new thing. You can define a startup screen for your web application. This is huge because it mitigates the sluggish feeling you […]
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Introducing Shop Shark

The first project I’d like to write about on this blog is my foray into iPhone-friendly web apps. It’s called Shop Shark, and it is a shopping list app. The concept is that it will let you easily add items that you need to shop for at the moment you realize you need them, and […]
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