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Site maps, wire frames, diagrams. Planning materials, basically.

Quotas – a bulk to-do tracker

I use Remember the Milk to maintain my to-do list. In the past year, I’ve added a lot of repeating tasks to it. These are items like “clean for an hour” and “work on music (10 minutes)”, and they’re intended to build up as I blow them off so that I know how much laziness […]
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UX Myths

Here’s a nice, ongoing list of user experience myths, along with notes about the research that debunks them. I especially like “Stock photos improve the users’ experience” (users ignore irrelevant imagery), “People don’t scroll” (scrolling comes naturally to modern Web users), and “People read on the web” (they skim for clues on what to spend […]
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Shop Shark 1.0 Wireframes

Here are some wireframes I made to envision the Shopping Trip functionality I want to be in Shop Shark 1.0. The two main changes from today’s interface are that a) there will be a list of stores to visit in addition to a list of items to buy and b) when adding a store or […]
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Background Position in Firefox: In Which Some Developers are Jerks

I was disappointed to discover that Firefox doesn’t support the CSS rules background-position-x and background-position-y. This is going to force me to write many more lines of CSS than I’d like to. The silver lining is that this issue treated me to the comments section of a Comma Dot post wherein commenter after commenter fails […]
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