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Terrible design concepts

My functioning Dungeonism app still exists in the world of placeholder graphics, but I have been working to home in on the design direction I want to take once the gameplay’s ready to go. To that end, I’ve got a small pool of concepts I’m playing with. My process is to every once in a […]
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Combat systems and Dungeonism

If you’ve played my Dungeon Escape prototype, you may have encountered a skeleton. If you did, you may have attacked him. If you attacked him, you surely were witness to what I affectionately call my Pie Chart Combat System. I was much pleased when I invented it. It solved a problem I gave myself, which […]
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Adobe Edge experiment: Eddie the Brick

Adobe has seen the future — or at least a potential future — and they have prepared accordingly. If Flash meets an untimely end, Adobe Edge will rise to take its place. Even if Flash sticks around, Adobe Edge is a cool little tool that lets you add HTML/CSS/JS animation to a page in a […]
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More on server-side image resizing

This is a follow-up about my modest plugin to use Timthumb to grab dynamically resized images for WordPress. When we last checked in, my plugin called “ImgSize” was triggered whenever a thumbnail image was requested, and it provided a Timthumb-resized version. Shortly after this, I added the functionality to the plugin to do the same […]
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The Wired iPad App

Apparently, the new Wired Magazine iPad application is 500 megs because every visual element is just an image. That is, all the text, the animation, even the progress bars for the audio files are images or a series of images. Interface Lab is right to ask why they didn’t build this with HTML5?
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Classic Iconography

Check out a collection of images of the Xerox Star, which boasted one of the earliest, best versions of the GUI metaphor we still use.
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The Issues of iPhone Web Apps

My approach with Shop Shark was inspired by Google’s iPhone-friendly version of Buzz. With Buzz, Wave, and Voice, Google has taken to making iPhone-friendly web apps rather than native iPhone apps. I decided to follow their lead and have been working on Shop Shark as a web page that’s optimized for Mobile Safari and can […]
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More Good News from MS: IE9

Things are finally starting to work out for modern web developers. First, IE8 became the world’s most-used browser, allowing us to begin ignoring the ancient IE6 in the way we’d always wanted to. Now Microsoft has announced Internet Explorer 9, with all kinds of HTML 5 support. Is it just me, or does Microsoft actually […]
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Exit Signs

There’s a great article in Slate about the two standard exit signs of the world. In one corner is the big red “EXIT”, and in the other is the green running man. As a general rule, I love pictograms, so I’m inclined to take the running man’s side. But there’s something very convincing about this […]
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