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Dungeonism Update, October 2012

It’s been a month-and-a-half since the last update, and Dungeonism has progressed by leaps and bounds. I’ve kept tightening the graphics, and I’m getting close to having the whole look nailed down with all the tiny details ironed out. Nailing and ironing, that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve added new mechanics too, and as I […]
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Dungeonism Update, September 2012

It’s past time for an update on Dungeonism. It’s very far along. All summer and even still, I’ve been focused on presentation aspects, so the core gameplay has changed too much since May. On the other hand, it looks much different now, and hopefully all the changes are for the better. I’ve kept the basic […]
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My SimpleButton Cocos2D class

Cocos2D for iPhone sadly does not have a class for a button that lets you customize it with different text, text color, and background color. After some research, I decided the easiest way to do this on my own would be to create a button from a blank sprite, set a color for that sprite, […]
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CCMenuAdvanced menus that scroll together

Working on the interface for buying and selling items in Dungeonism, I needed a menu that was arranged as a grid. There seem to be some choices out there for this, but I couldn’t get anything to drop simply into my project. Instead, I came up with my own solution, which is a clunky, but […]
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My rookie’s confusion with Objective-C properties

When I started coding in Objective-C, one of the first things I learned about was properties. The tutorials I worked from showed me properties before talking about instance variables. In fact, they didn’t go into much detail about instance variables, so you’ll forgive me for starting out thinking that properties were instance variables. It wasn’t […]
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Memory management with Objective-C

The most daunting thing about learning Objective-C after living in the world of high level scripting languages is the memory management. From the beginning, I figured it would be a hassle, but I didn’t think it would be complicated. Turns out, it’s not even though there’s a lot written out there on the Web that […]
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Introducing Dungeonism

Blog went dark for a while. Hmmm… I guess I was concentrating too hard on my new project Dungeonism. It’s a dungeon crawling game for iPhone. I’ve been coding it since January, and I estimate it’s 50% done, but that might be optimistic. The gameplay is certainly 50% done, but after that, I have a […]
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Adobe Edge experiment: Eddie the Brick

Adobe has seen the future — or at least a potential future — and they have prepared accordingly. If Flash meets an untimely end, Adobe Edge will rise to take its place. Even if Flash sticks around, Adobe Edge is a cool little tool that lets you add HTML/CSS/JS animation to a page in a […]
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Scrapy helps me scrape

Between a recent Edward Tufte talk in Denver and the Kindle release of Flowing Data’s new book, my distraction of choice lately has been data visualization. In particular, I’ve been on the hunt for data about my city. I had an idea for a chart displaying a map of houses in Denver color-coded by year […]
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Splitter: A split-testing plugin for WordPress

I built a new little WordPress plugin called Splitter, and I’m using it to run A/B tests on Truth (plus lies). Its purpose is to show different users slightly different page layouts and report back to Google Analytics who was looking at what. It works by randomly setting a cookie for new visitors and then […]
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