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Dungeonism Update, October 2012

It’s been a month-and-a-half since the last update, and Dungeonism has progressed by leaps and bounds. I’ve kept tightening the graphics, and I’m getting close to having the whole look nailed down with all the tiny details ironed out. Nailing and ironing, that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve added new mechanics too, and as I […]
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Dungeonism Update, September 2012

It’s past time for an update on Dungeonism. It’s very far along. All summer and even still, I’ve been focused on presentation aspects, so the core gameplay has changed too much since May. On the other hand, it looks much different now, and hopefully all the changes are for the better. I’ve kept the basic […]
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My SimpleButton Cocos2D class

Cocos2D for iPhone sadly does not have a class for a button that lets you customize it with different text, text color, and background color. After some research, I decided the easiest way to do this on my own would be to create a button from a blank sprite, set a color for that sprite, […]
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Dungeonism’s Rogues

Lots is done with Dungeonism! In fact, I’m packaging it up for playtesting and preparing to do some more work on the graphics, as the gameplay is getting pretty close to done. A huge task for finishing the gameplay has been making all the monsters I want in the game, so to celebrate completing that, […]
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Very special rooms

Here are a bunch of diagrams of special rooms that will go in the dungeons of Dungeonism. The blocks represent — in order of appearance top left-to-bottom right — walls, breakable blocks, bad guys, movable blocks, bombs, pressure plates, coins, remotely-activated moving blocks, gates, holes, and switches.
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Adobe Edge experiment: Eddie the Brick

Adobe has seen the future — or at least a potential future — and they have prepared accordingly. If Flash meets an untimely end, Adobe Edge will rise to take its place. Even if Flash sticks around, Adobe Edge is a cool little tool that lets you add HTML/CSS/JS animation to a page in a […]
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Server-side Image Resizing

Over at my blog for random images and news Truth (plus lies), I made a change not so long ago after realizing what’s probably true for most blogs these days — that the home page is not the front page. In other words, most visitors don’t come to a site through the home page. Far […]
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UX Myths

Here’s a nice, ongoing list of user experience myths, along with notes about the research that debunks them. I especially like “Stock photos improve the users’ experience” (users ignore irrelevant imagery), “People don’t scroll” (scrolling comes naturally to modern Web users), and “People read on the web” (they skim for clues on what to spend […]
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Visual Tricks Can Make Downloads Seem Quicker

Not only are progress bars nice communication to users, they also make downloads seem faster. Turns out that some animation on the progress bar can enhance this effect. They found that, on average, a 5.61-second rippling progress bar appeared to take the same amount of time as a 5-second standard bar, and a 16.75-second-long rippling […]
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Randomness & Cleverness

Here’s a fascinating article from Underware about designing a font to look handmade. It includes a lot of information about choosing when to use different glyphs.
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