Dungeonism Update, September 2012

It’s past time for an update on Dungeonism. It’s very far along. All summer and even still, I’ve been focused on presentation aspects, so the core gameplay has changed too much since May. On the other hand, it looks much different now, and hopefully all the changes are for the better. I’ve kept the basic shapes consistent for all the monsters, but I’ve changed their fills from solid colors to subtle gradients. I’m also creating different poses for them whereas before, only the color of their outlines would change when they were doing different things like attacking, taking damage, and resting up. I’ve added background patterns to the game, so now instead of plain black, the game takes place over a texture that’s determined by the level type. I’ve also spruced up the look of the walls. Anyway, all of this is best illustrated with illustrations. Screenshots, that is.

Level Menu for DungeonismLevel Screen for DungeonismForest Level in DungeonismCastle Screenshot for Dungeonism

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    How did you do your modal alerts?

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