Monthly Archives: June 2012

CCMenuAdvanced menus that scroll together

Working on the interface for buying and selling items in Dungeonism, I needed a menu that was arranged as a grid. There seem to be some choices out there for this, but I couldn’t get anything to drop simply into my project. Instead, I came up with my own solution, which is a clunky, but […]
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Dungeonism Screens

Here are a few screenshots from the current build of Dungeonism. I’m just now starting to refine the graphics, so future screenshots should show gradual improvement. Stay tuned!
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Dungeonism’s Rogues

Lots is done with Dungeonism! In fact, I’m packaging it up for playtesting and preparing to do some more work on the graphics, as the gameplay is getting pretty close to done. A huge task for finishing the gameplay has been making all the monsters I want in the game, so to celebrate completing that, […]
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