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My rookie’s confusion with Objective-C properties

When I started coding in Objective-C, one of the first things I learned about was properties. The tutorials I worked from showed me properties before talking about instance variables. In fact, they didn’t go into much detail about instance variables, so you’ll forgive me for starting out thinking that properties were instance variables. It wasn’t […]
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Memory management with Objective-C

The most daunting thing about learning Objective-C after living in the world of high level scripting languages is the memory management. From the beginning, I figured it would be a hassle, but I didn’t think it would be complicated. Turns out, it’s not even though there’s a lot written out there on the Web that […]
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Very special rooms

Here are a bunch of diagrams of special rooms that will go in the dungeons of Dungeonism. The blocks represent — in order of appearance top left-to-bottom right — walls, breakable blocks, bad guys, movable blocks, bombs, pressure plates, coins, remotely-activated moving blocks, gates, holes, and switches.
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Terrible design concepts

My functioning Dungeonism app still exists in the world of placeholder graphics, but I have been working to home in on the design direction I want to take once the gameplay’s ready to go. To that end, I’ve got a small pool of concepts I’m playing with. My process is to every once in a […]
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Combat systems and Dungeonism

If you’ve played my Dungeon Escape prototype, you may have encountered a skeleton. If you did, you may have attacked him. If you attacked him, you surely were witness to what I affectionately call my Pie Chart Combat System. I was much pleased when I invented it. It solved a problem I gave myself, which […]
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