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Blog went dark for a while. Hmmm… I guess I was concentrating too hard on my new project Dungeonism. It’s a dungeon crawling game for iPhone. I’ve been coding it since January, and I estimate it’s 50% done, but that might be optimistic. The gameplay is certainly 50% done, but after that, I have a lot of audio-visual polish to add. Right now, it’s a silent game with simple geometric artwork — which captures the classic gaming spirit the final game will have, but more refined.

Dungeonism began life last year as this semi-absurd concept: a 2-dimensional, turn-based take on the Elder Scrolls games. I guess it grew from my desire to continue to play Oblivion while I was in meetings at work. There should be an engrossing fantasy game that demands the same amount of your attention as Bejeweled. To this end, I spent a few months building an HTML/JavaScript prototype of a dungeon game, which you can mess around with if you want. Let’s call this iteration Dungeon Escape. You can play what I made here:

As you can see, Dungeon Escape has a more detailed (if crudely so) look to it, and that’s because it emphasized world exploration. It was going to take place in a vast world with settings and characters and stories and lots and lots of content that would’ve take many many hours of work to create.

The emphasis in Dungeonism is pure gameplay. You do unlock new dungeons in it. And you do develop your character. But the dungeons are created procedurally each time you play them. And you develop your character so you can play harder dungeons, traveling deeper into them, and encountering new monsters.

It’s a more casual approach, and it brings it closer to the original idea for creating a low-attention, still-immersive experience.

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