Box2DJS Platformer

platformer screenshot
Here’s an experiment I’ve been working on: it’s a platformer demo made in JavaScript. It uses the Box2DJS physics engine, and it’s iOS compatible.

It’s meant to become a version of a Macromedia Director game I made long ago (and can’t seem to find a copy of) called “Guy”, which was played with a mouse. You click on the screen to place a marker, and your little man walks towards the marker. If you click above his head, he jumps. Guy was made with badly hacked, homemade physics, so this demo is turning out much different. It’s a lot wilder, and moving your guy around is a lot more like driving a vehicle than a person. Which is maybe not so great? Anyway, your character is more like a car because I made the choice to build him with a wheel, rather than simply slide him around the ground. In a lot of ways, this makes his walking a little more natural, but it also makes him harder to control. Some tweaking could hopefully fix that.

If you’d like to look at the JavaScript, it’s here. I also use jQuery in there. It works in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, though it really putters in Firefox and Mobile Safari. Try it out, and let me know what you think.

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