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With the success of the iPad and the continued success of the iPhone (and also the sneaking suspicion that flash is over-used), I’ve been on the hunt for a new in-browser music player for my music web site Act Dead. Right now, it uses the mp3 player plugin for WordPress. The nice thing about this plugin is that it just automatically scans the page for mp3 links and adds a little play button next to all of them. So there’s very little set up. Ideally, I’d like a new plugin that does exactly this, but when necessary (like on an iOS device), the player uses an html5 music player instead of a flash-based player.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything that fits my needs exactly, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I might just wait, as this space has only just opened up, and I would bet that someone will make exactly what I need within a year.

For now, the most interesting player out there is jPlayer, a robust JavaScript library that lets you create and customize your music player with a bit of coding. I tested it on iPad, iPhone, Chrome, and Firefox. It smartly switches between its flash component and HTML5 depending on the browser. However, there is no WordPress plugin. This one is probably the best option for someone willing to do a little dev work, and it will probably be made into a fantastic plugin by somebody soon.

Until then, the best WordPress-ready option is the Degradable HTML5 Audio and Video plugin. This one lets you use shortcodes in your WordPress posts (like and then it provides the appropriate player for the browser. Unfortunately, I don’t want to use shortcodes. Again, I just want JavaScript to scan my page for mp3 links and work auto-magically.

Has anyone else out there found any better html5/mp3 solutions?

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  1. Posted February 21, 2011 at 1:02 am | Permalink

    WPAudio does that – and does it well.

    Sadly I think it’s jquery collides with my new theme so I’m in search of another *sigh* – it’s great it’s HTML5/non-flash and keeps the links downloadable. I don’t do ‘shortcodes’ either – with 200+ podcasts that would be impossible anyway.

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