Monthly Archives: July 2010

Poser Wireframes

Some simple sketches for an app idea. I like to draw on my iPad, and I’ve felt the need for a poseable figure — like those wooden ones that artists use for reference. Then it occurred to me that you could probably make a pretty cool iPhone app to be a virtual poseable figure. And […]
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Shop Shark 0.6

Finally got version 0.6 done for Shop Shark. In this installment, I’ve added the ability to keep a list of stores as well as a list of items. It’s actually not too big a deal — the store list behaves just like the item list does, and there’s no interactivity between the two. YET. The […]
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UX Myths

Here’s a nice, ongoing list of user experience myths, along with notes about the research that debunks them. I especially like “Stock photos improve the users’ experience” (users ignore irrelevant imagery), “People don’t scroll” (scrolling comes naturally to modern Web users), and “People read on the web” (they skim for clues on what to spend […]
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