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Mouse Events and Touch Events, Mouse Enter

I ran into a little snag with my last batch of Shop Shark changes. If you try the application in your computer’s browser, using a mouse, you can select multiple items by holding your mouse button down in the checkbox of one item and dragging through the checkboxes of other items. It works just like […]
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Shop Shark 0.5

I’ve updated Shop Shark to version 0.5. It is now much prettier than it was before, incorporating a new palette: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Purple. No new functionality, but the slickness quotient should’ve gotten a big bump. The user-friendliness may have taken a slight step back, however, as I’ve replaced the text labels on the […]
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Classic Iconography

Check out a collection of images of the Xerox Star, which boasted one of the earliest, best versions of the GUI metaphor we still use.
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Visual Tricks Can Make Downloads Seem Quicker

Not only are progress bars nice communication to users, they also make downloads seem faster. Turns out that some animation on the progress bar can enhance this effect. They found that, on average, a 5.61-second rippling progress bar appeared to take the same amount of time as a 5-second standard bar, and a 16.75-second-long rippling […]
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More About iPhone Web Apps — Now With Startup Screens

Six Revisions has a great new article about building native-app-like web apps for the iPhone. Most of the information was familiar to me from prior research, but I did learn a very cool new thing. You can define a startup screen for your web application. This is huge because it mitigates the sluggish feeling you […]
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