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HTML/CSS Development Tools

Here are a couple or 3 tools for HTML & CSS that I’ve recently found useful: — A selection of simple, no-nonsense web tools for selecting colors. I was brought there by the “Combine Color” tool which just mixes two colors together and gives you the hex value for the result. HTML Formatter — […]
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Randomness & Cleverness

Here’s a fascinating article from Underware about designing a font to look handmade. It includes a lot of information about choosing when to use different glyphs.
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Introducing Mapper

Mapper is a nod to my nerdity. It’s what my friends and I use for our battle maps while playing D&D over Google Wave. It’s an incredibly simple Wave gadget — the digital equivalent of moving pennies and nickels around on a piece of graph paper. But it works, and really the only thing I […]
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The Issues of iPhone Web Apps

My approach with Shop Shark was inspired by Google’s iPhone-friendly version of Buzz. With Buzz, Wave, and Voice, Google has taken to making iPhone-friendly web apps rather than native iPhone apps. I decided to follow their lead and have been working on Shop Shark as a web page that’s optimized for Mobile Safari and can […]
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More Good News from MS: IE9

Things are finally starting to work out for modern web developers. First, IE8 became the world’s most-used browser, allowing us to begin ignoring the ancient IE6 in the way we’d always wanted to. Now Microsoft has announced Internet Explorer 9, with all kinds of HTML 5 support. Is it just me, or does Microsoft actually […]
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Background Position in Firefox: In Which Some Developers are Jerks

I was disappointed to discover that Firefox doesn’t support the CSS rules background-position-x and background-position-y. This is going to force me to write many more lines of CSS than I’d like to. The silver lining is that this issue treated me to the comments section of a Comma Dot post wherein commenter after commenter fails […]
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Introducing Shop Shark

The first project I’d like to write about on this blog is my foray into iPhone-friendly web apps. It’s called Shop Shark, and it is a shopping list app. The concept is that it will let you easily add items that you need to shop for at the moment you realize you need them, and […]
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Exit Signs

There’s a great article in Slate about the two standard exit signs of the world. In one corner is the big red “EXIT”, and in the other is the green running man. As a general rule, I love pictograms, so I’m inclined to take the running man’s side. But there’s something very convincing about this […]
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The Softest Werewolf

Oh hey! Welcome to my development blog. My name is Jeff Fal, and I’m an Information Architect and Front-End Developer working in Denver. I’ve got some web application projects I’m working on in my free time, and I’ll be documenting a lot of that work here. THAT IS ALL.
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